Automate Co2 Calculation, simplify compliance

A unified platform for automatic emissions measurement and real-time compliance monitoring

Real-time analytics

Monitor Emissions Progress and Compliance

Boost sustainability efforts, streamline carbon management, and make regulatory decisions effortlessly.

  • Emissions Tracking
  • Resource Optimization
  • Automated Reporting
Carbon management

Your emmission hub, simplified

Consolidate your sustainability  management into one powerful app. Enjoy effortless organization and intelligent automation.

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Tracking tools

Efficient tracking, and unified
team communication

Centralize all emmission-related information, ensuring easy access, efficient tracking, and unified stakeholder alignment.

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Collaboration tools

Easy collaboration tools
shared documents

Facilitate collaborative efforts with built-in dashboards,  shared documents, and team-,department-, or specific workspaces.

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Workflow tools

Automate your workflows
and put tasks on autopilot

Tailor your projects with customizable templates, fields, and dashboards, aligning the app with your unique workflow requirements.

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Flexible pricing

Flexible pricing to suit every need

Enjoy a range of features designed to enhance your project management experience, all at a price that fits your budget.


from € 199 /month
  • Advanced reporting, priority support, and customization options
  • Better insights, tailored workflows, and enhanced collaboration
  • Users can manage up to 15 streams


from € 499 /month
  • Real-time analytics, a dedicated account manager, and API access
  • 100% automated data integration
  • Users can manage unlimited projects
What Clients Say about Co2 Calculation

Success stories from our customers

The best way to showcase our commitment is through the experiences and stories of those who have partnered with us.

Erik Langedijk Founder - Mensa Horeca

We have over 40 locations but after implementing this app, with its automation engine saved us a lot of potential fines, allowing us to focus on strategic planning and client satisfaction.

Ronald Vermeulen co-Founder - FacilityLinQ

This software streamlined our workflow, reducing calculation errors by 60% and enhancing over all compliancy. Our production stream is very complicated, through automation we finally got a hold of all Co2 related data.

Paul Bijvoet Owner - Sinner

Our Co2 Calculation became much more effective due to precise analytics and collaboration benefits. We operate in 6 different countries and our productions happens in the Far East, really a game changer for us.

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